Mission Statement





To support and encourage the educational, leadership, discipline, and social

benefits of athletics in Arizona's secondary schools.



  1. To preserve the integrity, ethics, and education of the high school coaching profession and its vital role in the American and Arizona educational process.
  2. To foster the development of coaching scholarship, leadership, and excellence while recognizing these qualities both on and off the playing field.
  3. To sponsor events which  contribute to the betterment of coaching in secondary school athletics.
  4. To jointly collaborate with individual sport coaches' associations to enhance the goals and objectives of both organizations.
  5. To annually recognize coaches and other contributors that exemplify the highest level of achievement and success while promoting educational excellence both on and off the playing field.
  6. To promote the candidacies of deserving coaches for induction into the various national organizations' Halls of Fame.
  7. To sponsor any other event that may benefit the coaching and educational profession.


Membership is open to any person, business, or association interested in furthering the purposes of the AHSACHOF and who are in compliance with conditions as set forth in the organization's by-laws.

There shall be two classes of members, voting and non-voting.  Members of the Executive Board shall be the only voting memebers pertaining to the governance and administration of the AHSACHOF.  All members have the right to nominate candidates for Hall of Fame consideration by the Executive Board.